Proof of Funds

Electronic Money Regulation requires us to maintain full reserve of the moneys backing our stablecoins. The funds are safeguarded in segregated client accounts. We can provide proof-of-funds at regular intervals or on an ad-hoc basis. The proof is a bank statement digitally signed by the bank holding the money (a .bdoc container). Anybody anywhere in the world can verify the authenticity of the statement and compare it against the pool of outstanding stablecoins.

The .bdoc delivery can be performed via any desired method – e-mail, IPFS, API’s, etc. Below is an example of proof-of-funds saved to the Arweave permaweb – an immutable decentralised data store. Once you have downloaded the .bdoc file to your machine, you will need DigiDoc client or a similar app/tool to verify the validity of the digital signature:

Sample proof-of-funds:
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